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Dental Services

  • Routine Dental Cleaning

    Keep your smile in tiptop shape by scheduling regular dental cleanings and exams every six months, or as often as Dr. Basinger recommends. Our skilled team will remove plaque and calculus, and use X-rays to detect cavities.

  • Peridontal Services

    Don’t let periodontal disease destroy your oral health. Even without noticeable symptoms, this disease can damage the supporting bones in your mouth. Regular exams help us prevent periodontal disease and give us the opportunity to treat it when we encounter it.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Make the smile of your dreams a reality with our cosmetic dentistry services. Whether it’s reshaping teeth using veneers or bonding, or enhancing your smile with natural-looking tooth-colored fillings, we have the solutions to make your smile shine.

  • Cosmetic Restorations

    Say goodbye to silver fillings and hello to white ones. Our tooth-colored fillings have a dual purpose, too: They enhance your smile and strengthen your teeth!

  • Crowns and Bridges

    Severely damaged or decayed teeth may require crowns for restoration. These custom-crafted coverings improve tooth function, strength, and aesthetics. When you lose teeth, bridges can close gaps, maintain tooth alignment, and enhance your smile, too.

  • Dental Implants

    Enjoy a permanent, natural-looking tooth replacement option with dental implants. Unlike traditional bridges, implants are anchored in the jawbone without affecting adjacent teeth. 

  • Endodontic Therapy
    (root canals)

    Root canal therapy becomes necessary when a cavity reaches the pulp of a tooth, causing an infection of the nerve. Regular checkups help prevent the need for endodontic therapy. When it’s required, however, our skilled team thoroughly cleans and disinfects the affected area and does what is necessary to restore the tooth.

  • Dentures

    When a person is missing all of their teeth, complete dentures restore oral health, function, and aesthetics. Crafted to fit your mouth comfortably, dentures help you eat, speak, and regain confidence in your smile. We offer custom complete dentures that closely resemble natural teeth.

  • Partial Dentures

    Designed to replace missing teeth, partial dentures rely on existing teeth and gums for support. They can be made with metal frames and acrylic, entirely from acrylic, flexible partials, or a 1-tooth Nesbit (single-tooth partial). Creating them requires 2-5 visits to complete, as we want to ensure a comfortable, snug fit.

  • Immediate Dentures

    For patients with unsalvageable loose teeth, immediate dentures provide a solution in a single visit. Dr. Basinger removes the damaged teeth and replaces them with dentures. After a healing period, we make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal fit and comfort. 

When you entrust your smile to us, we do everything we can to preserve or improve your oral health, depending on your needs. Schedule an appointment with us today so we can give your teeth the time and attention they deserve!

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