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All About Us

Your smile is in good hands here. With a third-generation dentist who has been practicing for over thirty years and an experienced staff that treats you like a member of the family, we love to give you and your teeth the attention they deserve!  

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Meet Our Staff

Any dental practice is only as good as its staff—and we could not be prouder of ours. 

While Dr. Basinger has practiced for over three decades, our dental assistant, dental hygienists, and office manager have worked with him a combined total of twice that long. That’s a lot of time spent working together to improve oral health!

Dr Basinger

Dr. Andrew C. Basinger, D.D.S

Dr. Andrew C. Basinger, D.D.S., is a Mansfield native and third-generation dentist who has been practicing for over three decades. He graduated from Malabar High School in 1982 and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Miami University. After receiving his doctorate from The Ohio State University in 1990, he practiced for two years in Columbus and Dayton before taking over his father Robert Basinger’s dental practice. He is a member of the American Dental Society, Ohio Dental Association, and the Central Ohio Dental Society.



Dental Assistant


Dental Hygienist


Dental Hygienist


Office Manager

Our History

We have been committed to offering exceptional dental care to patients of all ages in Mansfield and neighboring communities since we opened our doors over two decades ago. 

Since the beginning, Dr. Basinger has used the expertise he acquired in school and in practice to provide quality care to patients. As a third-generation dentist, however, he has also used the tools of the trade he learned from his father, Robert, and his uncle, Leslie, to benefit patients. Over the years, we have expanded our available services and embraced new technologies to serve patients even more effectively. We are proud of our growth and excited about our future!


The Tooth

( And Nothing But the Tooth )

We are known in the region—both by patients and passersby—as “the office with the tooth out front.” 

Fun Facts:

Our famous tooth has been a fixture on our property for a long time, and was originally carved from a dying tree. 

When a car struck and damaged the tooth, we remade it. We made a new sign for our practice at the same time and no one noticed—the tooth got all the attention!